Want to improve your webPDM experience?

If you are still running webPDM, you might need a health check.
Are you experiencing:
  • “run-time” errors ?
  • browser timeouts?
  • print servers which must be restarted daily?
  • slower running speeds?
Some of the causes of your inadequate user experience may be caused by:
  • Hierarchy changes
  • files and images that begin to clutter your system
  • database records that were deleted –causing “orphaned” images and files
  • inactive users and user groups
  • un-purged log files
  • extra hardware that was never added even though additional users were
In a recent Health Check, we found over 27,000 orphaned images!
With our webPDM Health Check, you can extend and improve performance of your existing webPDM.increasing performance and decreasing run-time errors and system restarts.
Let’s discuss how best to optimize your webPDM today!
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15 – How can it be 15 years?


As we reflect and celebrate on our 15 year anniversary, we are so proud of how far we have come.  When we started, we set out to fill in gaps of for the widely known and implemented, webPDM ™ by Gerber Technology. It actually goes even further back then that; we started with Microdynamics “classic PDM”. As E-Spec enters its 15th year, we continue to evolve and redefine our company. It has been a long journey; going from consulting to customization and ERP integration to our sweet spot – enabling Creatives to painlessly manage their content and workflow.

While the first versions of our image integration tools only supported webPDM, they now support additional business systems. With our tools gaining maturity and implementing industry standards, they now allow us to support almost any business system, database or website.

Our tools are integrated and in production with:

We have working prototypes with customers/vendors for:

Because our tools implement industry standards, they can easily be integrated into almost any workflow. We use RESTful and SOAP webservices to access the system’s APIs. We use Adobe XMP (standard and custom schemas) for easy integration of metadata. We support SQL-based databases; including, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and others.

Side note about time and costs:  As our tools have matured, the implementation time is now weeks not months. As our feature set is complete (no need for further customization), so the costs have gone down. Our last three implementations of our entire product suite averaged under $600 a user – all in; installation, training and licenses. Each implementation was up and running within the month of installation.

Don’t see your system on our list? Call us. We’ll get you there.