Do you strive to cut weeks from your catalog creation process?


A Case Study:
La Jolla Group LLC reduces catalog creation time by 85% with E-Spec In-Cat!

Client Description
La Jolla Group, Inc. (“LJG”) is the world’s premier multi-brand apparel licensing company, with a portfolio of prominent brands including O’Neill Clothing USA, Metal Mulisha Clothing and FMF Clothing.

Business Problem
LJG creates and manages product catalogs for their many brands and distributors through the use of Adobe InDesign. This manual process involved several team members looking up styles in PLM and ERP business systems then copying product images and details line by line into the catalog documents. The continuous back and forth process of transcribing these product details between the business system and the InDesign catalogs consumed several man-hours. The manual process of verifying the information and updating as changes occurred in the business systems consumed additional effort and left open the probability for errors. La Jolla’s laborious task of creating a catalog was ultimately taking 2-3 weeks per document.

E-Spec Solution
The implementation E-Spec’s In-Cat! coupled with a digital asset management system provided the solution LJG was seeking. In-Cat!, an InDesign extension that connects directly with the business systems, provides LJG with the ability to browse and select images and the corresponding data then automatically populate a simple InDesign template file. Templates are created and data is mapped from the business systems to locations on the template. Search criteria are designated for browsing, selecting, and filtering the database content. Catalogs are now created “auto-magically” as coined by Andres Kalinowski, Sr. Director of IT.

“We went from a long 2-3 week process of creating catalogs to a short 2-3 days. It was a huge timesaver and productivity increased” says Andres.

Now when the catalog needs to be updated to the most current information, the users simply click a refresh button with their mouse, and the information is current and ready for publishing.

“Now we are going to tackle our Merch Guide using our InCat! Solution.” said Andres.

Technologies Used

E-Spec InCat! for Adobe InDesign
Extensis Portfolio Server

Business Benefits

Huge Time Savings by reducing catalog creation timeframe from 2-3 weeks to only 2-3 days
Increase in productivity
Helps with Auditing allowing the more accurate catalog to be used as the source
Catalogs can be updated with current information with the single click of a button

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