A down to earth solution for an out of this world problem

Oh NO!
When we first heard the report about NASA soliciting the public’s assistance in identifying and tagging over 1.8 million photographs taken from the International Space station, we gasped! This could have been prevented. We wish we would have known to call.

What Happened?
As it happens, the astronauts failed to identify and categorize photos as they were taken and neglected to indicate the subject matter or direction the camera was pointing. As a result the massive collection of photos became too large for staff to parse through and organize. 1.8 million photos is a lot to navigate and kind of useless from a data mining stand point without tagged context. NASA has resorted to crowd sourcing the identification in order to complete this monster task in a timely fashion.

What Should We Do?
If they had only used our tool Tag-It!, NASA could sort by any number of customizable categorization keywords like Earth, Deep Space, Moon and then narrow the focus therein. Using subcategories and descriptive text fields the photos could contain any number of identifying characteristics like urban or rural, country name, city name, time of day, weather pattern, you name it. Back here on Earth, we all find ourselves often falling victim of the same oversight. Does your business have an effective digital media categorization workflow?

Tag Early Tag Often!
At E-Spec we believe the best approach is to identify that media at the time of creation. Don’t let it build up into the monster like NASA did. Tag-It! early and Tag-It! often. The beauty of it all is once a file is tagged, the metadata becomes part of the file so no matter where it is moved or copied, the identification information goes with it.

Contact us for more information, and hey NASA perhaps you should give us a call sometime.

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